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Heguan Factory teaches you how to choose the specifications of the inner floating disc!
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The inner floating disc, also known as the floating accessory manufactured by Crane Factory, is one of the products manufactured by Crane Factory. There are various types and specifications of inner floating discs, and ordinary consumers often face some difficulties when making purchases. This article will analyze the specifications of the inner floating disc from the aspects of material, size, weight, and purpose, and provide some purchasing suggestions.

1、 Material

The inner floating disc is usually made of polyurethane material, which has good toughness and wear resistance, and can effectively reduce noise and vibration. In addition, the polyurethane inner float also has good oil resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, making it suitable for use in various harsh environmental conditions.

2、 Size

The size of the inner floating disc is generally determined based on the specific specifications of the crane. When purchasing, it is necessary to first understand the rated load, working radius, and other information of the crane, and then choose the appropriate size of the inner floating disc based on these parameters. Generally speaking, the larger the diameter of the inner floating disc, the stronger its load-bearing capacity, but it also increases weight and cost. Therefore, when selecting dimensions, it is necessary to fully consider actual needs and avoid wasting resources.

3、 Weight

The weight of the inner floating disc is mainly determined by its material and size. Generally speaking, the lighter the weight of the inner floating disc, the less burden it will have on the crane, improving overall work efficiency. Therefore, when choosing, it is advisable to choose a lighter inner floating disc, but also pay attention to ensuring its load-bearing capacity and durability.

4、 Purpose

The main purpose of the inner floating disc is for the lifting and suspension operation of lifting machinery. The specifications of the inner floating disc vary according to different working conditions and requirements. For example, for large lifting machinery, it is generally necessary to choose inner floating discs with larger diameters and higher load-bearing capacity to ensure safety and stability. For small lifting equipment, smaller inner floating discs can be chosen, which can meet the requirements and reduce costs. Therefore, when purchasing an inner float, it is important to consider its actual use and choose the appropriate specifications.

In summary, selecting the appropriate size of the inner floating disc requires comprehensive consideration of factors such as material, size, weight, and purpose. Determining the specifications of the inner floating disc based on actual needs and working environment can improve the efficiency and safety of the crane. In addition, when purchasing inner floating discs, it is recommended to choose a reputable manufacturer to ensure product quality and after-sales service.