Lianyungang Jia'antai Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd

Lianyungang Jia'antai Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Dapu Industrial Park, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province. The factory covers an area of more than 100 acres, with six modern steel structure production workshops covering more than 24000 square meters, an office building covering more than 3600 square meters, and logistics support facilities. The company currently has more than 300 employees, and the general manager has been engaged in the production and sales of fluid loading and unloading arms for 24 years since 1999. With rich manufacturing experience, the company adopts German fluid loading and unloading equipment design and manufacturing technology, and its products can meet the storage, transportation, and loading and unloading of liquid media with different media, pressure, temperature, and chemical characteristics of users.

The company's main products include: land liquid loading and unloading arms (crane tubes), ship liquid loading and unloading arms (ERC), LNG low-temperature crane tubes, inner floating discs, mesh shells, anti slip activity ladders, loading and unloading operation platforms, quantitative loading systems, oil depot monitoring systems, hose cranes, cable hooks, boarding ladders, as well as the design, installation, and construction of a complete system from storage tanks to tank trucks. It is a manufacturer of petroleum storage and transportation equipment, with a variety of testing equipment and stable and reliable quality.

Jiaantai Machinery has strong research and development capabilities, a high-quality talent team, and a wide range of professional talents. Among the existing staff of over 300, there are over 180 employees with a college degree or above, over 100 management talents of various types, and over 200 technical workers of various types, providing favorable human resources support for the company's technological development and product innovation. In order to ensure that the company's products can stably occupy the market and improve the technological content of the products, the company has selected 37 R&D personnel from the New Product R&D Department, including 37 with a college degree or above. They are technical talents from petrochemical equipment research institutions and units across the country, who have been engaged in scientific research work for a long time, providing a reliable guarantee for continuous technological innovation.

Jiaantai Machinery tracks the development of oil and gas loading and unloading equipment technology both domestically and internationally. In January 2002, it established a new product research and development department and was awarded the honorary title of municipal engineering technology center. The R&D department continuously strengthens the development of new products and technologies, updates old products, expands domestic and international markets, and wins the trust of new and old customers with good management, technology, products, and services. The company designed and manufactured a mobile marine fuel arm as early as 2000, providing ground refueling aircraft for the Su-30 fighter jet to the Air Force.