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Crane tube manufacturers can help you choose the appropriate float material!
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When selecting the appropriate float material, crane tube manufacturers need to consider multiple factors, including usage environment, float function, and cost. In this article, we will provide a detailed introduction to several common float plate materials and analyze their advantages and disadvantages to help you choose the appropriate float plate material.

First, let's introduce a common floating plate material, namely polyurethane foam. The polyurethane foam material has the characteristics of light weight, durability and good waterproof performance, which can be used in water for a long time without being damaged. In addition, polyurethane foam material also has certain thermal insulation performance, which can effectively prevent the water under the floating pan from cooling too quickly, affecting the use effect of the floating pan. However, because the production process of polyurethane foam material is relatively complex and its production cost is relatively high, the floating plate price of polyurethane foam material may be higher.

In addition to polyurethane foam material, there is also a common floating plate material that is plastic. Plastic materials usually have lower production costs and good durability, and can be used for a long time without being damaged. In addition, plastic materials also have good anti-aging performance, which can prevent cracking, deformation and other problems under long-term sun exposure. However, compared with polyurethane foam materials, the thermal insulation performance of plastic materials may be poor, which cannot effectively prevent the water under the floating pan from cooling too quickly. Meanwhile, some plastic materials may also have certain environmental pollution issues that require special attention.

In addition, a common material for floating discs is steel. Steel has strong durability and stability, can withstand large pressures and weights, and can maintain a long service life. In addition, compared with plastic materials and polyurethane foam materials, steel can provide better thermal insulation performance, effectively maintain the water temperature under the floating plate, and also have better flame retardancy. However, the production cost of steel is high and it is relatively heavy, requiring greater logistics costs for transportation. Therefore, using steel to make floating discs may increase certain costs and difficulties.

In addition to the common floating disc materials mentioned above, there are also other materials available for selection, such as wood. Different materials have their own characteristics and advantages and disadvantages. Crane tube manufacturers should determine the most suitable material based on specific usage environments and needs when selecting.

To sum up, polyurethane foam materials, plastic materials, steel, etc. are common floating plate materials, which have different characteristics and application scope. Crane tube manufacturers can choose the appropriate float material according to the specific needs of customers to ensure the effectiveness and cost control of the float. I hope the introduction in this article can provide some help for you to choose the appropriate float material.